Mas Gomà 'L'Alba al Turó' Rosat

Netto icoon
In voorraad
3% korting vanaf 36 flessen
8% korting vanaf 60 flessen

Deze korting is niet van toepassing op nettowijnen of cumuleerbaar en wordt toegepast in de winkelwagen.

Grapes are harvested by hand with a good state of skin maturation (without astringency) to avoid the most vegetal and phenolic part of the variety. In addition, this way we obtain a good content of sugars well balanced with the different acids. The grapes are harvested in boxes that are placed in a refrigerator chamber to lower the temperature and the next day to process them. A part of the grape is scattered, rolled and the skin is macerated for several days in order to obtain all the aromatic precursors found close to it. The must is fermented with yeast of the own grapes until there are 20 g/l of sugar left. In this moment, it is bottled in order to continue the fermentation in the bottle until the sugar ends. Once the fermentation has finished, the sparkling wine will remain in the bottle until it is disgorged where nothing is added. Thanks to its delicate production, we work with low amounts of sulfites. In this way, the product can be expressed without limits.The Ancestral Method (known in other countries as Pet-Nat or Pétillant) adds no sugar or must. It is not disgorged and it is not aged, it will always be a young sparkling wine. The wine has a finer bubble and a less strong structure.
Inhoud 750 ml
Alcohol 11,5 %
Domein Mas Gomà
Regio Penedès
Land España
Netto wijn Ja
Vegan Nee
Bio Nee
Type Mousserende Wijnen
Blend 100% Macabeo
Per doos 6

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Er zijn geen recensies beschikbaar voor dit product.

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