Chambers Rosewood 'Rare Muscat'

Netto icoon
In voorraad
3% korting vanaf 36 flessen
8% korting vanaf 60 flessen

Deze korting is niet van toepassing op nettowijnen of cumuleerbaar en wordt toegepast in de winkelwagen.

Geproduceerd uit Muscat Petit Grains of Brown Muscat zoals het meestal wordt genoemd. De Rare Muscat biedt een complexe neus van gedroogde rozijnen en gekonfijt sinaasappelzeste met gemalen koffie in de diepte. Intense, stroperige smaak van gedroogd fruit en walnoten, de frisse zuren zorgen om de ongelooflijk intense afdronk.
Inhoud 375 ml
Alcohol 17,1 %
Domein Chambers Rosewood Vineyards
Regio Rutherglen
Land Australia
Netto wijn Ja
Netto netto wijn Nee
Vegan Nee
Bio Nee
Type Zoete wijnen
Sluiting KURK
Blend 100% Muscat
  1. 98
    Wine Spectator
    A towering wine, dense in color, unctuously sweet, with layers of toasted walnut, burnt orange peel, clove, coffee, dried cherry and
    spices, coming together smoothly and harmoniously on the rich finish.
  2. 97
    Stephen Tanzer
    Dark brown. Powerful aromas of bitter chocolate, prune, fig tart, date, cinnamon toast and maple. Seemingly imploded on the palate-like a rich syrup of candied orchard fruits, nuts, cured meats, liquorice and cola. The finish refuses to quit, and I thought I was still tasting it hours later. Or perhaps this stuff just goes straight to the brain�s sense-memory bank.
  3. 100
    My notes essentially read the same every year, even though the bottlings are non-vintage and I taste the most recent releases. Consistency and greatness are the norm at this Rutherglen winery. The average age is 7-10 years for the regular cuv�es, about 70 years for the grand cuv�es, and the ancient rare cuv�es date back to soleras from 1890. It is redundant to keep repeating the same tasting notes, so readers will have to take my word for it... this is one of the world�s most remarkable dessert wines, and is worth every effort to latch on to a half bottle or so.

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